Tastings & Tours $8 per person


Make the most of your visit by strolling our property and maybe bring along a picnic to enjoy! We have lots of seating options. Tables and chairs, rocking chairs, lazy swings. Enjoy a round of corn hole as well. Want an evening experience? Check out our Friday and Saturday night schedule on our  calendar of events.

Another idea for a unique afternoon or evening experience with us is renting our Date Nite Treehouse!  Take up a romantic picnic for two or you can order one of our  beautiful gourmet snack gift baskets with wine as a special surprise! Gather a group of 6 friends and hang out for live music! You choose! Make many visits and try each experience. Click here to make reservations


Scheduled wine tastings are done 7 days a week at the TOP of each hour! Tastings are $8 per person.


Monday – Friday


We have structured and scheduled story based  DAILY wine tastings at the top of each hour starting from 12:00pm-6:00pm Monday – Friday and are $8 per person. You will enjoy a preselected flight of dry and sweet wines.

WINE MAKING TOURS: Starting June 2017, every day of the week, we will offer wine making tours at 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 5:30pm.  Tours give you an overview of the wine making process done in our winery. Tours require very little walking. It is not a tour of the vineyards or property.

 You do NOT need an appointment or reservation. Simply arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the tasting time you would like to attend.(With the exception of the 12:00pm tasting as that is when we open.)

Saturdays & Sundays

SATURDAYS we offer unique “story based” wine tastings in our pavilion at the top of each hour starting at 11:00am – 6:00pm. A wine making tour of our winery (not of the vineyards) follows each tasting. It is best to arrive 15minutes prior to the hour of your choice to check in. Tastings & Tour combined takes approximately one hour. Come to either the 5pm or 6pm tastings and stay for our Live At The Vines band.

We have Events including LIVE MUSIC on Friday and Saturday from 7:00-10:00pm! “Live at the Vines” music information is found on our calendar of events : CLICK HERE  There will be a cover charge depending on the band of the evening.

SUNDAYS we offer story based wine tastings from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. A wine making tour follows each tasting. We close at 6:00 PM.


On Saturday evenings we are open after the last 6pm tasting with our LIVE AT THE VINES live music from 7:00 till 10:00pm. Check out our CALENDAR OF EVENTS. You can join us for a small cover charge and have a wonderful evening enjoying our wines and LIVE MUSIC with friends and family!

This is an ADULT VENUE. It is not an ideal setting for children.

If you do decide to bring children, they MUST be with an adult at ALL TIMES. We trust that you will ensure there will be no yelling, running OR horseplay while at our winery so that all of our winery guests can have an enjoyable time.