Murder Mystery Show, 7-9pm, Reservations Required

Date: June 28, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm  to  9:00 pm

“I LOATHE A PARADE.” This is for the 4th of July. – Mayor Joe Possumz just announced that he’ll be running for his fourth term, is in the reviewing stand, wearing his now-famous, red-white-and-blue bowtie. As the final drum-and-bugle corps passes by, the mayor bites into a hot dog . When he finishes, Possumz wipes the perspiration off his brow, smiles faintly at the crowd and collapses. To the amazement of those nearby, the local doctor rushes to him, checks for a pulse, and pronounces him dead. Join the Detective and the Charlotte Murder Mystery Company to figure out “WHODUNIT!”

Come decked out wearing your red, white & blue for our July 4th Murder Mystery Dinner Show!
Doors open at 5:30pm
Dinner will begin being served at 6:30pm

Show begins 7:00pm

BBQ Dinner catered by Smoke Pit

Menu includes:

Pulled pork

Pulled chicken

Mac N Cheese

Green Bean Casserole

Southern Salad

Cost is $12.00 for the show and $25.00 for ticket and dinner

Reservations required!