Life-Long Memory

I just wanted to take a moment out to thank you for all that you do and the way that you do it.

We met briefly Saturday afternoon after I flew in from NJ for a conference in Greensboro. For days before my trip, I sat in the office searching for places to go and things to do (on a Paramedic’s budget which doesn’t allow much). One of the first destinations that popped up was Treehouse Vineyards. I was immediately captured by the concept of treehouses, landscapes, and of course, wine! I looked no further. I found out about Craving Jane performing that night and immediately called for a reservation. My last two days in the office were spent staring out the window and listening to “Fast Car” on a loop. Something told me this was the right decision and that something special was to come of this.

The quality of your product speaks for itself and is evidenced by your incredible success story. As a parent of three daughters (23, 17 and 6), I can attest that the way one knows if they have been a good parent is evidenced in the behaviors of the children. Watching and listening to your passionate and encyclopedic detailed account of your family and business history was heartwarming, and a credit to your forefathers. The skillful thread you wove between the emotion of your family and its 200 year history with the biology and chemistry of wine-making was inspiring and has made my trip a life-long memory.

-Steven V.

Happy Anniversary

I surprised my husband with a trip to the Treehouse for our 36th anniversary. Had a wonderful time. Enjoyed the wine tasting and the tour was very informative. The weather was great and we were really able to enjoy the deck and the swing! Thank you for a truly enjoyable night!

-Ron and Mary

Worth the Wait

We waited for a year and a half to get the chance to come and experience the Treehouse Vineyards. This place is so amazing it’s been booked even this year until October. We lucked out and someone cancelled. We took the opening spot right away. We made new friends here during the tour and wine tasting. Oh and the wine tasting – Yum… Sunset Hills were our favorite! The love bought 6 bottles. This treehouse is SO cute, cozy, and relaxing. Most definightly peaceful. You had everything we needed. Even though this weekend was cold and rainy we really enjoyed our stay. We would love to come back when the weather is warmer and everything has blossomed. I would most definightly recommend a stay/getaway here to anyone!! p.s. The fiancé just LOVES the wind chime that NEVER stops making noise…haha. I do believe he’s a little hung-over this morning.

-Danielle and Scott

Papa’s Dream House with My Dreamboat

Papa’s dream house with my dreamboat! We had a great time making up ghost stories and making smores over the grill on the porch. We drank “just one more thing” while swinging, cuddling, and talking about all our plans together on the porch swing. We got tipsy at the wine tasting and we’re doing it once more before we leave. It’s been a special vacation night. Thank you!

-Ashley and Dylan

Change of Scenery

From the Orlando FL area, where the mouse and friends are everywhere, it was a beautiful change of scenery. We loved walking the vineyard and petting the horses. The treehouse was more than we expected! Everyone treated us wonderfully and the wines were amazing. We will be sure to tell all of our friends back home.

-Doug and Jo-Ann

Horses, Board Games and More

This place is amazing! What an awesome thing you have going here. We loved the wine, bought four bottles before we left. I think it’s great you don’t have a TV. We loved sitting out on the porch swing watching the geese and horses. After it got dark we enjoyed the board games! Thank you so much for sharing your special place with us!

-Adam and Kristi

Really, Really Enjoyed our Stay

It was a very nice getaway. We really, really enjoyed our stay. We must do this again. p.s. We will be bringing our daughter back to check out the house as well as the scenery.

-Michelle and Dantavius


We loved our date night staying in the tree house! Thank you for a great experience. The wine/wine-a-rita tasting was quite enjoyable – it was nice talking with Dianne! Thank you!

-Diana and Adam

We’ll Be Back

This was such a wonderful and unique experience. We loved how peaceful it was. Thank you for helping us celebrate such a special day for us. We’ll be back!

-Whitney and Nathan

Our First Trip

We moved to Monroe in July of 2012 and this past Saturday (3/22/14) was our first trip to Treehouse. We had such a wonderful time that I’m kicking myself wondering why we didn’t come any sooner (seriously, I Googled it and you guys are only (exactly) 1 mile from my front door). Ashley greeted us and was very friendly and knowledgeable… and the live music mixed with a little picnic we brought and your “Just One More Thing” merlot exceeded the expectations for the romantic evening that my husband and I were hoping for. I’m already trying to schedule a ladies night with my girlfriends so I can show off this wonderful little place I found which happens to make our favorite thing that we use as an excuse to get together-WINE!(And we don’t have to worry about drinking and driving, since it’s only a mile away, we can walk there!) Keep it up and you’ll have two customers for life over here. 🙂

-The Speeds